INTRODUCTION: Welcome to Healthy Mom University


Hello, Mamas! Welcome to our inaugural session of Healthy Mom University - the first wellness school designed just for moms. My name is Christy Vergara, mom of three, nutrition and healthy lifestyle educator and creator of Healthy Mom University. Before I introduce you to our course objectives over the next six weeks, let me welcome you and tell you how very honored and excited I am that you have made the choice to join us this term. I fully understand how crazy busy life is for you. You're a mom and you wear many, many hats. The fact that you have carved out some time to be here says a lot about you. First off, it says that you are making healthy living a priority for you and your family. It also says that you are ready to take action to begin making small, positive changes over the next weeks or even months to achieve your health and wellness goals.

I want you to know that this is a very safe place for you. There are no judgements here. My team will be overseeing our class discussions to ensure that everyone is respectful and encouraging. Each week, we will have a new topic to explore. You will get as much out of it as you put into it. I encourage you to listen to the audio lecture, review the written transcript, take the practice quiz, and explore the resources posted within each weekly module, and of course, participate in the weekly discussion forum within the comments section. Our discussions will enhance the learning experience, allow you to grow in you knowledge and motivate you to set into motion the healthy lifestyle goals you want to make.

Beautiful Mama, I believe that mothers are the most powerful influencers on the planet. Yes, that's you. You are the most powerful influencer in your child's life. No one will impact your children more than you will. That's why I felt it was time to offer a convenient and affordable platform where mothers of all ages and backgrounds could find trustworthy and empowering education and tools to set into action a lifestyle that could improve every area of wellness, including but not limited to food and nutrition; movement and physical activity; sleep and rest; stress levels; as well as reducing the toxic load within our bodies and our environment.

Everything that you learn in our Healthy Mom University classroom is powerful, life-changing information. I know this to be true, because I have been studying natural health, nutrition and lifestyle wellness for over 20-years and have not only seen incredible changes in my clients and students but I have implemented all of the practices that I will be sharing with you into my own life.

Let me be totally transparent here - what I will be sharing with you may overwhelm you at times. You might listen to a lecture and, where do I go from here? What do I do next? That's why within each lecture, I have posted a "Next Steps" page, where you can see a list of potential action steps to help you move in the right direction. Also, I want to remind you of the old saying, "ignorance is bliss". When you begin to become aware of the reality of our environment, please fight the urge to become anxious. Instead, put your supermom cape on and resolve to make one positive change at a time. Keep in mind the big picture. Life is a journey, not a race. There are many forks in the road and as mothers, we get to decide which road we are going to lead our family down. Will it be a road of health promotion and disease prevention? You get to decide. Use the tips and tools that I post within each class to help you begin setting goals and putting into practice the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead you to higher level of health and wellness. Each of us will have different priorities. For some it may be weight, for others reducing the risk of a family disease, for some it may be energy levels or healing. Whatever reason you are here, it matters, you matter, and we as a community of moms matter. Together we will do amazing things!

Lastly, I need to be clear that the information provided within the Healthy Mom University online learning platform is not a substitute for medical advice. We exist to educate, inform and support you in your health and wellness goals. I encourage you to find a qualified and compassionate licensed medical professional you trust; get regular well-checks, blood work, breast exams, pap smears and attention to any other health issue you are experiencing. Also, be sure to get the green light before beginning any fitness programs. And, full disclosure, there are certain topics that we will not be discussing in this session of Healthy Mom University, such as vaccinations. This is a topic that my team is not equipped to educate on or mediate within our discussion forums. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever regarding educational content or anything else related to the Healthy Mom University online learning platform, please email me at [email protected].

Welcome Aboard, Mama!

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